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ASEG Inc. will deploy our experienced technical team of software developers to provide cost effective, timely, productive services on a project and program basis. We will accept direct responsibility for the assignment and provide key project tracking for your review.

Our mission is to maximize our customer's productivity and become the dominant small business to bring technical excellence in the disciplines of middleware customization, HPTC services, and overall systems integration.

About ASEG Inc.

Advanced System Engineering Group (ASEG) was formed to provide high performance technical engineering services for Federal, State and Local Government customers. The company was founded in 1993 by Mr. Ron Anders, CEO, and Mr. Hal Mirsky, CTO. ASEG's mission is to maximize our customer's productivity and bring technical excellence to our customer's projects and applications. 

Our well defined technical team has created distributed systems utilizing COTS middleware products and High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) techniques for DOD applications.   Storage Area Networks (SAN) are often viewed as a weak link in the distributed infrastructure. Our staff can help tune your SAN systems for optimal performance.  Our systems engineers will work to customize your system configuration to meet your specific needs. We will maximize SAN performance for either large-file streaming or On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP) environments.  We provide these services in classified and unclassified secure programs. In addition, our Relational Database Design skills have been deployed in State and Local Government applications, including the Orange County Traffic Authority (OCTA) and the California Travel Advisory News Network. 

Professional Services is a necessary requirement of distributive systems component-based development and is often among the greatest concerns of our clients.  ASEG provided the specialized CORBA expertise to create an Intelligent Transportation System in California to be utilized in our nation's transportation initiative.  We designed and integrated the necessary application interface to link incident management, emergency management, transit administration, traffic enforcement and more.  Our team is relied upon by our customers and we are supportive to the long-term success of their programs.  

Expert design solutions are offered on a fixed price basis. Our pricing strategy helps to streamline customer operational expenses. Our services are a technical alternative approach to direct in-house engineering labor performance.  We provide ongoing support services which are complementary to the skills of our customer base.

The company was established in San Diego, California. We have successfully attracted talented managers and engineers with years of experience and background in the software industry. Today, ASEG works closely with a number of strategic partners, including Northrop Grumman, IBM, SAIC, BAE Systems, Boeing, and Iteris.

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