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With a total of over 45 years of satisfied customers, our team leads the way into the future!

Executive Team

Ronald M. Anders, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Anders is co-founder, CEO and president of ASEG Incorporated. ASEG is one of the highly respected engineering firms servicing High Performance Technical Computing in classified and unclassified government programs. Mr. Anders brings twenty-five years of advanced engineering and marketing experience. His extensive technical skills in program development, systems architecture, software, and analysis set the standard of excellence for our staff.

Prior to assuming his current position in 1993, Mr. Anders served as Manager of Marketing and Product Development for both domestic and international Air Traffic Control Training programs at Logicon Incorporated. As a technology leader in the community, Mr. Anders was featured in Discovery Magazine as one of the top technologists in Innovation and Aerospace.

In addition, Mr. Anders served Logicon Incorporated in several different key management and engineering positions from 1977-1992. His assignments included; Project Engineer, Technical Contracts Manager, Systems Architect, and Software Engineer.

Mr. Anders holds a B.S., Computer Science, from University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and did his graduate work at University of Southern California (USC) in Systems Management. Mr. Anders resides in San Diego, California with his wife and two children.

Hal Samuel Mirsky, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Mirsky has over 20 years of experience designing and implementing complex software systems. As a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ASEG Incorporated, Mr. Mirsky brings an expert knowledge of High Performance Technical Computing in the federal government environment to the company. Mr. Mirsky is published as a contributing author of "CORBA Fundamentals and Programming" by Wiley and Sons.

As a community leader Mr. Mirsky has served on the Board of Trustees of "The Child's Primary School", a San Diego K-8 school. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Infragard San Diego Members Alliance and is a contributor to the San Diego Archaeological Center. In addition, he has been an advisor to global companies in the small business community on Mergers and Acquisitions of technology.

Mr. Mirsky served as a leading advisor and Product Development Manager to Expersoft Corporation. During his employment from 1992 thru 1994 his expertise was focused on telecommunications, financial and operations control systems. Mr. Mirsky served the Logicon Corporation from 1984-1992 in the capacity of Lead Design Software Engineer on the "Air Traffic Control Simulation System." The system design utilized sophisticated simulations, speech recognition and high fidelity graphics technologies to provide a high-fidelity training environment for Navy, Air Force, and FAA students.

Mr. Mirsky holds a Baccalaureate in Mathematics from San Diego State University. He is actively involved in national security programs. Mr. Mirsky resides in San Diego with his wife and family.

Robert D. Ruhe, JD, Vice President and Corporate Legal Officer
Mr. Ruhe has held executive management positions with both private and public high tech firms for the past 20 years. Prior to joining ASEG Inc., Mr. Ruhe served as CEO and President of GET Engineering Corporation, executing business strategies resulting in significant growth during his tenure from 1999 to 2004. He has worked closely with the Navy, Air Force, DOE, and NATO allies. He is an active "Trusted member" of the United States Department of Defense and other Agencies.

At ASEG, Mr. Ruhe is responsible for analyzing and developing plans to drive the company's growth and nurture new business. A member of the Executive Board, he oversees the company's Corporate Development function, with responsibility for acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, and joint ventures.

As Corporate Legal Officer he provides a legal understanding of concepts, court practices and procedures, legal research, procedures and terminology. He advises the company in a broad range of legal compliance and business matters with specific focus on labor/employment regulations, and contracts.

Mr. Ruhe ensures legal compliance with the Corporate Ethics Code of Business Conduct and its related policies by providing counsel to corporate executives. He provides advice and guidance to all functions of the company, in relation to legal and regulatory-related inquiries, concerns regarding product complaints, compliance to government regulations, and fair trade practice. He maintains, oversees, and assists in the negotiation, draft, review, and completion of contractual/project documentation and memorialized writings in contract of ASEG business.

Mr. Ruhe held the position of Deputy Manager, Civilian Federal Sales for Sun Microsystems, Federal Inc., from 1992-95. During his tenure with Sun, Mr. Ruhe's focus included the management of resources utilized in the Public Administration Sector and Commissions of the US Government. He was instrumental in the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) transferring government technology from Sandia National Laboratories to Sun Microsystems. Subsequently, he served as EVP of Worldwide Field Operations in the Enterprise Desktop Software Industry.

The Digital Equipment Corporation employed Mr. Ruhe, where he served as the Department of Energy National Corporate Account Manager (NCAM), during which he was responsiblefor the DOE nuclear weapons production programs.

Mr. Ruhe holds a Juris Doctorate from the Taft School of Law, an MBA, and is a graduate of the Harvard Executive Business (short) program. He is an active member of AFCEA, NDIA, and InfraGard, an FBI-sponsored program. Mr. Ruhe is a current member of the American Bar Association, and the National Contract Management Association and serves as an alumni Executive Committee board member of the Contract Services Association (CSA).

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