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COTS & FOSS Middleware

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) middleware are widely used in the distributed systems and real-time community. ASEG's implementations of standard COTS middleware specifications, such as JEE, define the interfaces and policies required for application interaction end-to-end. The expense of time, verification, and risk of applications precludes developers from implementing home grown solutions. The ASEG staff has been designing and developing middleware-based solutions for over a decade. We've worked on projects ranging from developing JEE and Web-Services implementations, to designing and deploying large-scale component-based infrastructures that combine multiple middleware technologies. Our expertise with FOSS and COTS middleware is a complete spectrum, from low-level distributed development and messaging tools like Qpid, complex application servers and frameworks such as Glassfish and the Spring Framework. More importantly, we integrate these diverse products and technologies in a unified strategy. As a result, ASEG is uniquely positioned to help you maximize your middleware investment and integrate all the parts of your enterprise.
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