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Storage Area Network solutions.

ASEG SAN Solutions

ASEG's experts know that demanding applications require that the hardware infrastructures on which they run to be as fast as possible.  High Performance Disk access is often viewed as the weakest link.  Disk latency is several orders of magnitude slower than that of system memory.  If the disks are accessed remotely, disk access can degrade networks, stealing bandwidth from other functional requirements of the application.

ASEG designs, implements, and tunes Storage Area Network (SAN) to minimize the performance limitations of disk access by combining multiple high-speed disk devices into a single, high-performance unit.  The devices are usually RAID arrays that optimize access times by striping data across multiple disks.  SAN performance is further optimized by organizing these devices into large, scalable file systems that stripe data across multiple RAID's; in essence, a suite of RAID's.

Our designs have been deployed on SAN systems which manage up to several hundred terabytes of disk storage space.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Design of storage area networks that support high performance computing

  • Configuration and benchmarking of Sun, Hitachi, and StorageTek RAID devices to optimize access patterns within SAN configurations

  • Integration of IBM, Sun, Intel, and SGI client computers

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